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Wedding website $1500 + (50/year for hosting)
Included in the price of your wedding is posting it on line. For those of you who want to go all out, we’ll create a full blown site. Just like every movie has a web site- we will make one for your wedding film. Imagine your names (assuming you’re the bride or groom) were Stella and James. We would create an interactive flash site with animations, snippets of people talking about you or saying something interesting at the wedding, a trailer, photo gallery, Blog if you are so inclined, etc. The Blog feature is specifically interesting as you could use it to share your thoughts and photos for years to come.

Projector and Screen Rental for the Ceremony $200
We will bring a projector and screen sheet to broadcast the photo montage from your video.

Photo Montage $300
Photo montage your best moments, childhood photos etc edited to music. A copy of the montage would be burnt on your DVD as well.

Photo Review $600
We’ll bring an extra person to the shoot or work with your photographer. The still photos from the day of the event will be presented as an interactive slideshow at the reception.

Photo Invitations 100 pack at $300

Additional DVDs $50 per copy


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